New Documentary reveals the real identity of Bournemouth Football Club.

Set to be released in late August, the short documentary follows Bournemouth FC nicknamed the Poppies, who are one of the oldest clubs in England and have a very vibrant past not to be confused with the more famous AFC Bournemouth.

The club have been playing since 1875 and was very significant in the early establishment of football within the Bournemouth area with founding member, William Pickford becoming national FA chairman. The Poppies currently play in the local Sydenham’s Wessex League, the ninth tier of English football.

The short film produced and presented by Oliver J. Thompson looks at the clubs past, present and future in a bid to raise the profile and local interest within the Bournemouth area. He said “Being passionate for non-league football, I had decided to find out more my local club and watch a game which brought me to the Poppies. After some investigating and finding out more about the club, I just knew I had to make a film about what I had found out”.

Bournemouth’s Assistant Manager, Leo Cabeleira former football coach of Stockport County’s Academy said “We want Bournemouth Poppies to engage with the local community in order to establish a reputation as a family and Bournemouth University student football club. This documentary is a starting point to provide a new visual perspective for the future of the club.”

The club play at the 3000 capacity Victoria Park Sports Ground in Winton and the documentary is set to be released on the online platform, YouTube.