8. Matters, Disputess or Differences

8.1 The LC may adopt such procedures for the determination of any matter, dispute or difference as it considers appropriate and expedient, having regard to the aims and objectives set out at Regulation 1. The LC may require the attendance at a meeting or the written observations of any League or Club, as it considers appropriate to assist its determination.

8.2(a) Any dispute or difference between a League and a Club relating to promotion and relegation issues, lateral movement and/or other eligibility criteria must be referred for determination to the LC; such determination shall be final and binding subject only to Arbitration in accordance with Rule K.
8.2(b) Any decision of the LC shall be subject to a right of appeal to an Appeal Board. The decision of that Appeal Board shall be final and binding on all parties. All referrals of appeals shall be conducted in accordance with the Regulations for Football Association Appeals save for appeals in relation to Ground Grading decisions where the procedures are outlined in 8.2(c) below.

8.2(c) Procedures for Ground Grading Appeals

  • (i) The ratification of the Ground Grading decision must be sent in writing within 14 days of the final decision date, currently 31st March.
  • (ii) Appeals in relation to Ground Grading Appeals must be submitted to The FA Judicial Services Department within seven days from the date of the written decision outlining the Grounds of Appeal, with a copy to The FA Leagues & Clubs Department.
  • (iii) The Ground Grading Technical Panel will appear before an Appeal Board with the Appellant to respond to the application and there is no requirement to make a formal response in writing.
  • (iv) In all cases the Ground Grading Technical Panel will submit any documentation including the Ground Grading report that was considered by the Ground Grading Technical Panel in relation to the Ground Grading decision, (which the appellant would already have received).
  • (v) Dates would be set annually in advance by the Judicial Services Department for the hearing of Ground Grading appeals and details of the dates would be notified to all Clubs in the correspondence from the Ground Grading Technical Panel notifying the decision of the Ground Grading assessment.
  • (vi) All Ground Grading Appeals are to be heard by the end of April each year.

8.3 The LC may, at its discretion, delegate the resolution of any matter, dispute or difference arising under these Regulations to any body it considers to be appropriate (including a sub-committee or commission which may include members of council not on the LC or a body constituted by a County Football Association).