3. Structure

Position of a League in the National League System

3.1 The current structure of the NLS is set out below:


The Leagues currently at Steps 5, 6 and 7 are set out at the end of the Regulations.

3.2 Any league wishing to become part of the NLS must apply to The Association by 31st December in the relevant year in such form and/or providing such information as shall be required by the LC from time to time. The decision as to whether or not a league should be admitted to the NLS shall be made by the LC which will then decide on the Step at which the League will play.

3.3 Any League wishing to propose an adjustment to its position within the NLS must apply in writing to the LC by 31st December in any year for such proposal to be determined by the LC in order, if approved, to have effect in the following Playing Season.