These Rules have been compiled by the Sanctions and Registrations Committee of The Football Association for the mandatory use of all sanctioned Competitions at Steps 1 to 6 inclusive of the National League

Rule 1                     Definitions

Rule 2                     Membership requirements 

Rule 3                     Membership – Annual subscription

Rule 4                     Power of the Board

Rule 5                     Interests in More than One Club

Rule 6                     Registration of Players

Rule 7                     Club Colours

Rule 8                     Playing of Matches – Arrangement of Fixtures

Rules 9 & 10           Registered Intermediaries/Financial Records

Rule 11                    Football Creditors

Rule 12                    Champion/Relegation

Rule 13                    Insolvency Provisions

Rule 14                    Match Officials   

Rule 15                    Withdrawal of Clubs  

Rule 16                    Protests, Appeals

Rule 17                    Misconduct of Clubs, Officers, Players

Rule 18                    Trophies

Rule 19                    Alteration to Rules

Rule 20                    Admission Charges

Rule 21                    Long Service

Rule 22                    Centenary Awards

Rule 23                    Playing Surfaces

Rule 24                    Insurance

Rule 25                    Medical Personnel

Rule 26                    Player Transfers between Clubs

Rule 27                    Provision for Membership to be Signed by each Club each Playing Season

Rule 28                    Provision for Full & Associate Members

Rule 29                    Promotion Agreements

Rule 30                    General Meetings

Rule 31                    Management Committee

Rule 32                   Competition Officers

Rules 33 to 38         Various

Rule 39                    Central funding

Rule 40                    League Cup Rules

Fees Tariff

Fines Tariff