Alcohol must be confined to bars & adjoining buildings. At no time should glasses, cans etc containing alcohol be taken out & drunk in the vicinity of the playing area. Any Club breaching this directive will be dealt with by the Board under League Rule 4.2.

Charter Standard

Clubs that do not have Charter Standard Status by 31st May 2018 will pay their annual subscription for the season 2018/2019.

Dug Outs, Technical Area and Substitute

a) A Technical Area to suit the requirements of the Football Association Cup Entries is to be marked out by the sides and front
of both the home and away team dug outs. Only two persons at a time shall occupy the Technical Area; only one person at a
time has the authority to convey tactical instructions to players during the match from within the technical area. League
Rule 8.23 refers.
b) Only three (3) substitutes out of five (5) can warm up at any one time (from each team) and they must use the touchline
opposite the Assistant Referee, or the spare ground behind the barrier. Substitutes and Managerial Staff only, shall occupy
the dug outs. They shall remain seated in the dug outs at all times unless warming up in the designated area or when a
substitution is made.
c) Each club has been provided with 6 coloured bibs to be worn by the substitutes for the duration of the match prior to them
replacing a member of their team on the field of play. In addition, each club has been provided with a different coloured
bib to be worn by the physio for the duration of the match.
d) Assessors and League Officers shall also make a report on any breach of the above directives to the Competition Secretary
but must name the club official that they warned at half time or full time.
At full time, if this warning has not been heeded they must be informed that they will be reported.
e) Any person dismissed from the technical area and bench must return to the changing room area for the duration of the
match. In the event that this applies to the Physio and no other person present is available to take-over they are permitted
to stay but will be suspended for the next following competition fixture.
f) League Rule 4.2 and / or League Rule 17 may be used to enforce these directives.

FA Discipline List

If a club amasses more than 100 points in a season they may be charged under League Rule 17 for bringing the league into disrepute. Any penalty will be decided by the board.


Mitre Promax match balls will be supplied by the Competition, clubs should use these footballs for all Sydenhams League (Wessex) fixtures; further footballs are available on request at competitive rates from the Competition. Failure to use Mitre Promax match balls will result in a fine, £25 minimum to £100 maximum. It is the duty of the home club to ensure that a minimum of THREE match balls are available during each match as League Rule 14.9.

General Meetings

All meetings for clubs, called by the League Management Board must be attended by club’s Chairperson, Secretary and Manager. League Rule 2.20 and League Rule 30 apply.

Ground Control

Under no circumstances shall any person or persons be allowed to stand inside the permanent fixed barrier surrounding the playing area during a match.

Hospitality (Minimum Requirements)

Tea will be provided at half-time for players and match officials, and tea and biscuits will be provided for invited guests.
At full-time tea and solid refreshments (sandwiches, sausage rolls etc) shall be provided in the dressing rooms, unless there is a private lounge set aside for the purpose of entertaining visiting players, match officials and guests.
Tea at half time and full time and sandwiches after the match must be provided for the players, dressing room staff and match officials.
It is also accepted that any teams and / or match officials travelling long distances should have a cup of tea on arrival if requested.

Inspection of pitches during inclement weather

It is the duty of the home Club to contact a Match Official allocated to his Club in the League Pitch Inspection Booklet should there be a doubt over the fitness of the pitch.
Inspections – Best Practice Guidelines
Saturday: 11.00
Midweek: 12.00
However, for clubs travelling to and from the Isle of Wight please allow one additional hour when making inspections on a Saturday.
Match Officials should take into consideration the distance being travelled by the home Clubs opponents and the impending weather forecast. Should the fixture be postponed the home Club MUST fill in the League cancellation form and send it to the Competition Secretary within TWO DAYS of the postponement. The home Club shall also contact the league administration officer on 07780 496313.
Failure to carry out any of the above will result in the Club being dealt with by the Board as they see fit.

Instructions and Guidance For Clubs and Match Officials In Determining The Suitability Of Grounds In Adverse Weather Conditions

  • Each club must take every precaution of ensure that the ground is in a fit playing condition.

    Only in extreme weather conditions may a game be postponed prior to the day of the game. This decision will be at the discretion of the League management Board. In these circumstances a match official will not be required to inspect the ground, unless requested to do so by the board.

    In all other circumstances when the home club consider that there may be a doubt regarding the suitability of the playing surface they will arrange for the match referee (if available) or another Sydenhams Football League (Wessex) referee or Level 5 Assistant Referee to make an early decision on the day of the game. If the home club cannot identify an official of the required level to carry out an inspection they must contact the league secretary who will determine a suitable person to carry out the inspection.

    Home clubs are asked to make prior contact with opponents and match officials to determine when the best time to carry out the inspection will be, taking into account travelling arrangements.

    The referee making the inspection must:
    • Consult with the match referee (before and during the inspection to mutually agree a decision prior to notifying the home club)
    • Notify the home club of the decision
    • The inspecting referee must sign the Wessex Football League postponement sheet, if the game is postponed (this will be given to them by the home club to sign).

    Following full consultation with the match referee during the inspection, if the ground is declared fit and the away club travel, only in exceptional circumstances and severe deteriorating weather conditions should the match referee reverse the decision.

    In the event of match officials travelling to the ground, and the game being postponed, they will be entitled to half match fee (plus ferry expenses if occurred).
    The home club must notify the League, Opponents and match officials of the postponement asap after the decision has been made. The home club must submit the postponement form to the Competition Secretary within 24 hours of the postponement
    The Match Referee must notify the referee assessor (if appointed) of the postponement asap

    When making the inspection the referee must consider the following:
    • Whether the playing area is dangerous
    • Whether all public areas of the ground are safe
    • The views of the groundsman are to be considered (if available) in terms of local knowledge and draining capabilities of the ground in the event of standing water
    • The existing ground conditions in conjunction with the prevailing weather conditions before and during the match (it is recommended that the Met Office weather forecast is consulted)
    • Whether or not the pitch conditions could turn farcical
    • The Referee should inspect the ground in match footwear and use a football to determine whether the surface is playable
    • Whether the home club have any man power to carry out necessary work to make the ground playable.

    Frost & Ice
    • Player safety must be the ultimate factor in determining if a frozen ground can be played.
    • When dealing with frost and ice, the highest temperature of the day is usually around midday and early afternoon. When consulting the weather forecast take into account the projected temperature during the period of the game.

Kick Off times - Rule 8.6

The standard kick-off times shall be as follows:
Saturday matches – 3.00 pm
Midweek matches – 7.45 pm
In the event that both clubs are unable to agree an alternative kick-off time, the fixtures Secretary will determine the kick-off time inform the secretary of both clubs of the decision.

League Awards Presentation Dinner

The league awards presentation dinner will be held on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the Novotel, Southampton. All clubs are required to send 4 representatives to the dinner, the cost is £34.00 per head. Clubs will be invoiced by 31st March 2019, invoices must be paid within 21 days (Rule 4.8 applies); additional tickets are available on request, up to and including 21st April 2019, there are no restrictions on numbers. Clubs that do not send a minimum of 4 representatives will pay their annual subscription for the season 2019/2020, in addition any prize monies and or trophies due will be forfeited.

Match Officials Fees

Referees: £60.00
Assistant Referees: £40.00

In addition, Referees and Assistant Referees will be entitled to ferry charges at the cheapest rate available. No other travelling costs will be paid.
The total maximum possible cost for match officials, excluding ferry charges will therefore be: £140.00.
When a fixture is postponed by the appointed match referee, half of the match fees are to be paid.


All financial transactions to the League, Transfer Forms, Registrations Forms, fees and fines, should be paid by cheque and made payable to ‘The Wessex Football League’. Alternatively, for information on BACS payments please contact the league finance officer (

Player Registration

A player may renew registration with his club on or after 1st April in each season. Other players may sign with a club on or after the Monday following the second Saturday in May. These players will not be registered by the Competition until the Monday following the second Saturday in May.


All programmes must contain the League Sponsor’s Advert as approved by the Board. This can be downloaded from the league website. Three copies of the match programme must be provided to the match officials in their changing room prior to kick-off.
Players must wear the numbers on their shirts that are printed in the match programme if these were submitted within the stipulated time as per Rule 8.14 Players first names must be provided.


All clubs requiring promotion from step 6 to step 5, in other words from Division 1 (One) to the Premier Division will be interviewed and must have their ground available for the commencement of the season.

Race Relations

Anti-racist notices supplied by the competition secretary must be prominently displayed in the Dressing rooms and to Officials and Spectators. Failure to do so will result in the club being automatically fined £50. The home club will be responsible for ensuring the league requirements are adhered to. Clubs failing to comply or control racist behaviour will be fined £250.
The use of unacceptable language related to Gender, Sexuality, Disabilities, Racial Origins or Ethnicity or Religion will be covered by this directive.
Any infringement concerning racist behaviour will be reported by the referee, as misconduct, including a report of action taken.
Any infringement of the above by Spectators or Club Officials may first be dealt with by the relevant FA then by the League under Rule 4.2 and League Rule 17.
Any queries or questions regarding racist remarks, comments or actions, or any advice regarding youth protection; contact the league Race Relations and Youth Protection Officer.


All clubs must have a mobile telephone and email address operational at all times; League Rule 8.12 refers; the Competition requires that all clubs submit their results as League Rule 12.

Substitute Boards

Clubs have been issued with electronic boards to be used when making substitutions during matches. Home and Away clubs must use these boards for all Sydenhams League and Cup fixtures and it is not acceptable for visiting clubs to request to share the board of the home club. Clubs are responsible for their own boards in terms of damage, faulty boards should be reported to the League’s Competition Secretary in order to arrange the loan of a spare board for the duration of the repair period. Clubs failing to comply will be dealt with under League Rule 4.8.

Warm Up Areas

Where clubs have warm up areas other than on the designated playing area (i.e. the pitch) – visiting clubs are instructed to comply with the home clubs wish regarding the use of allocated warm up areas. Please respect the home club’s facilities, failure to comply will be dealt with under League Rule 4.8.


Each club has been provided with an all-weather whiteboard to be used for listing the appointed match officials and both squads on match days. These whiteboards must be used and displayed in a prominent position for all fixtures, failure to comply will be dealt with under League Rule 4.8.