6.1  A Qualifying Player Registration


The Football Association’s rules will apply in respect of all matters concerning players.
6.1.1 A Player is one who has:
(i) signed a registration form supplied by the Competition, such signature to be witnessed by a second person and where:-
• the form has been completed and signed by an Officer of the Club;
• has been approved and registered by the Competition; and
• a registration number has been allotted; or
(ii) registered through WGS.
A Player will only be eligible to play in a match organised by the Competition if his registration form; transfer form, or loan transfer form, has been received by the Company, or the necessary information has been submitted via WGS, not less than four hours before the scheduled kick-off of the match in which the player is required to play and found to be in order, and so registered. It is the responsibility of all Clubs to ensure any player signing a registration form, or registering via WGS, has, where necessary, the required International Clearance Certificate and in the case of Contract Players, including those on loan, must have approval from The Football Association. Clubs are also responsible for all players being correctly registered before fielding any player. Failure to do so constitutes misconduct and the Club will be charged with fielding an ineligible player.
Where a Club opts to register a Player via WGS, the Club must access WGS in order to complete the registration process.
Registration forms will be made available to Clubs by the Competition and charged in accordance with the fees tariff. The status of a player must be clearly stated on the registration form. The registration form must be received at the Competition office within five days of having been signed by the Player.
The registration of a Player will be valid from the date of registration to the end of that Playing Season only or, if in the case of a Contract or Loan Player whose contract or loan expires before the end of the Playing Season, for the term of the said contract or loan.
6.1.2 A Player may only play under his correct status. Any change of a Player’s status during the currency of a registration must be notified to the Competition within five (5) days of the change of registration being affected.
In the event of a Player changing his status with the same Club either from Contract to Non-Contract or from Non-Contract to Contract then that Player must sign a new registration form, or submit the necessary information via WGS, and be re-registered. In default the Player re-registering will be ineligible to play in a match under the jurisdiction of the Competition and Rule 6.9 will be applied in such circumstances where a Club is found guilty of playing a Player who has changed status without re-registering.
A Player whose registration under Contract is cancelled by mutual consent and immediately re-registered by the same Club or a different Club on a non-contract basis shall not subsequently be registered as a Contract player with the Club for which his Contract was cancelled, within three months of the date of the cancellation except with the consent of the Board.
6.1.3 The Board shall have the power to make application to refuse or cancel the registration of any Player charged and found guilty of undesirable conduct subject to the right of Appeal to the FA or the relevant County Football Association. Undesirable conduct shall mean an incident of repeated conduct, which may deter a participant from being involved in this Competition. Application should be made to the parent County of the Club the Player is registered with.
Note:- action under this clause shall not be taken against a Player for misconduct until the matter has been dealt with by the appropriate Association, and then only in cases of the Player bringing the Competition into disrepute and will in any case be subject to an Appeal to the Football Association. For the purposes of this Rule, bringing the Competition into disrepute can only be considered where the Player has received in excess of 112 days suspension, or 10 matches in match-based discipline, in a period of two years or less from the date of the first offence.
6.1.4 The Board shall also have the power to place an Embargo on the registration, transfer or loan transfer of Players by any Club deemed to be in breach of these Rules. Where a Club has been subject to an Embargo that is ongoing (if applied by the Competition or another) then the Embargo shall continue to apply until the Club can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board that the circumstances that resulted in the Embargo no longer apply.

6.2  Registration Period

6.2.1 After 5.00pm on the 31st March each Playing Season new registrations, new loans, and transfer of registrations will be declined or will be approved subject to such limitations and restrictions as the Board may determine and, if so determined, the Player shall only be eligible to play in the matches for which permission is granted by the Board.

6.3  Player Status

The status of a player may be:-

  • Contract Player
  • Non-Contract
  • Work Experience
  • Scholar

6.4  Registrations and Registration Procedures

6.4.1 A Player will only be eligible to play in a match organised by the Company under these Rules if the appropriate form(s) is (are) received by the Competition including electronically), or the necessary information has been submitted to WGS, at least four (4) hours before the scheduled kick-off time of such match. No Player whose registration, including Loan registrations, is received by the Company or submitted via WGS less than four (4) hours before the match organised by the Company in which he is required to play will be eligible. Any loan registration must also be approved by the Football Association before that Player can be considered eligible to play.
The registration of a Player by electronic transmission or WGS is not automatically valid and it is the responsibility of the Club to ensure the player is NOT registered with any other Club. When the Player involved was previously registered with another Club it is necessary for that Club to complete the standard Competition transfer form or to have completed the standard Competition cancellation of registration form prior to or at the same as the registration to the new Club.
Where a Club opts to register a Player via WGS but does not fully and correctly complete the necessary information, that registration will not be processed.
Where a registration form is sent to the Company electronically, e.g. email, the originating form must subsequently be received by the Company within five (5) Days of the sending of the electronic transmission. In default of this Rule the player shall not be eligible to play in the Competition unless and until a valid registration form is received. The form when received must contain the same information as that received by email. It is an offence to falsify a competition form.
Any Club found to have been in breach of any part of Rule 6.4.1 will be deemed to have played an ineligible player and will be dealt with in accordance with Rule 6.9.
6.4.2 Each Club must have at least sixteen (16) Players registered fourteen (14) days before the start of each Playing Season.
6.4.3 A registration form, when submitted to the Competition, must be accompanied by the financial details, i.e. the appropriate page of the contract for Players under written contract or the standard Competition form for Players not under written contract.
6.4.4 In the event of a Player signing registration forms for more than one Club, priority of registration shall decide for which Club he is entitled to play. The Club submitting the latter form shall be notified of the prior registration of the Player, and the circumstances under which the registration forms were signed shall be investigated by the Board. Any Player found to have signed registration forms for more than one Club, or any Club found to have knowingly induced a registered Player of another Club to sign a registration form, shall be dealt with by the Board in such a manner as it shall think fit.
6.4.5 Except when specific approval has been given by the Board a Club cannot register more than one Player, contract or non-contract, from another Club at any one time unless a period of 14 days has elapsed between each registration.
6.4.6 If a non-contract Player also registers for a club not in membership of the Competition, his registration for the Competition may be retained by the Club.
6.4.7 A Club may register any number of Work Experience players but only two (2) may play in any one match, in accordance with FA Rules.
6.4.9 The Competition may, at its discretion, refuse any further registration of players, i.e. place under a registration embargo, any Club which has not completed payment of a transfer or loan arrangement made with another Club or arranged for the payment to be adequately secured. The Club which holds the Player’s Contract will continue to pay the Player in accordance with his Contract.
6.4.10 The Competition at its discretion may approve at any time the registration of an additional goalkeeper on a short-term basis if none of the Clubs’ registered goalkeepers are available ahead of a Competition Match.

6.5  Transfers

6.5.1 The transfer of a registration of a Player under written Contract from one Club to another must be in writing, on the Competition transfer form, signed by the Contract Player and the two Clubs, and the form must be forwarded to the Company for approval and registration. Such Contract Player does not become a bona-fide Player of the Club seeking his transfer until the form has been approved and registered by the Competition. The registration of a Contract Player whose Contract is cancelled by mutual consent shall be automatically cancelled upon receipt by the Competition of a copy of the relevant FA form.
Where a Club cancels the registration of a Player, Contract or Non-Contract, for any reason whatsoever, the Club must notify the Competition Secretary immediately, in writing or on the relevant Competition form. To be valid such notification must be signed by an authorised signatory of that Club.
6.5.2 The transfer of a registration of a Non-Contract Player from one Club to another must be in writing, on the Competition transfer form, signed by the Non-Contract Player and the two Clubs, and the form must be forwarded to the Company for approval and registration. Such Non-Contract Player does not become a bona-fide Player of the Club seeking his transfer until the form has been approved and registered by the Competition. A Non-Contract Player whose registration for a Club is cancelled or transferred for any reason whatsoever cannot, without the consent of the Board, return to his original Club until a minimum of fourteen (14) days has elapsed from the date of the cancellation or transfer.
6.5.3 A Club cannot register the transfer of a Contract Player or Non-Contract Player unless that Player has been registered with the transferor Club for at least 14 days, unless that Player is a goalkeeper.

6.6  Not Applicable

6.7  Not Applicable

6.8  Substitute Players

A Club at its discretion may use three substitute Players at any time in a match. Substitution can only be made when play is stopped for any reason and the Referee has given permission. When a Club is making a substitution, it shall use a Board to show the number of the Player to be substituted and the number of the substitute Player. The substitution board used shall be branded as determined by the Competition.
A maximum of five SUBSTITUTES may be nominated and they must be included on the official Team Sheet handed to the Referee before the match in accordance with Rule 8.18. A substitute may not be used to replace a Player who has been suspended from the match by the Match Officials.
If a Player does not take part in the match for which he is a nominated substitute he shall be deemed as not having played for the Club in that match.

6.9  Playing an Ineligible Player

Any Club found to have played an ineligible Player in a match or matches shall have any points gained from that match or matches deducted from its record, up to a maximum of 12 points, and have levied upon it a fine. The Board may also order that such match or matches be replayed on such terms as are decided by the Board which may also levy penalty points against the Club in default.
The Board may vary its decision in respect of the points gained in circumstances where;
(a) the ineligibility is due to the failure to obtain an International Transfer Certificate or
(b) where the ineligibility is related to a change in the Player’s status with the Club for whom he is registered or
(c) where the Board determined that exceptional circumstances exist

6.10  Financial Arrangements

  • 6.10.1 Subject to clauses 6.10.2 to 6.10.7 and to the Rules and Regulations of The FA, a Club may negotiate a financial arrangement with its Players.
  • 6.10.2 All Players under a written contract must be registered with the Competition and The FA.
  • 6.10.3 All payments and benefits due and/or made to the Player must be shown in the contract.
  • 6.10.4 All payments made to Players must be made by the Club and fully recorded in the accounting records of the Club.
  • 6.10.5 All salaried payments whether to Contract or Non-Contract Players must be subject to PAYE and National Insurance.
  • 6.10.6 All salary payments due on written Contracts must be stated gross, before PAYE and National Insurance deductions.
  • 6.10.7 Any Players paid expenses should be reimbursed via an expense claim form. The club should retain all expense records in a format acceptable to the HM Revenue and Customs.