9.1 An Intermediary cannot have an involvement in any Club in an official capacity (as defined by the Board) nor may he hold office with the Competition.

9.2 All Clubs must comply with The FA Regulations concerning Intermediaries.


10.1 All Clubs shall keep their accounting records for recording the fact and nature of all receipts and payments so as to disclose with reasonable accuracy, at any time, the financial position including the assets and liabilities of the Club.

10.2 The home Club shall retain all gate receipts. Where a match is declared all ticket, the Away Club shall be entitled to 10% of the total number of tickets available or a minimum of 600, whichever is the greater, subject to any stipulation by the relevant safety authority affecting these figures. A reasonable allocation of the total disabled spectator accommodation where appropriate shall be made available to disabled supporters of the Away Club.
Clubs must ensure that all gate receipts are fully and properly recorded and accounted for in the accounting records of the club.
Clubs should have a system in operation for home games that enables them to accurately report on the following;
• A record of all tickets sold in advance
• A reconciliation of cash received by category of entrant through each turnstile
• The number of entrants through each turnstile
• A schedule of the numbers admitted to parts of the stadium that do not pass through a turnstile
• A list of complimentary tickets authorised
This documentation should be reconciled to the overall takings and declared attendance for each home game.

10.3 For Competition league matches only, the travelling expenses of match officials shall be pooled, each Club rendering on the match report details of all payments made. The Company shall, at the conclusion of the season, divide the total cost of officials in each division by the total number of Clubs in that division and where the total payment made by the Club is less than the equal share of the pool, the Club shall pay the difference within 14 days of the date of posting of the written notification to the Club. Where the sum paid by the Club is more than the equal share of the pool, the Club will be reimbursed from the pool of monies received from all the other Clubs.

10.4 In the event of a transfer of a Player where a consideration is agreed, the consideration can only be paid between the two clubs (the transferor and transferee clubs).
The full name of each contracting club should be stated in the transfer agreement. The full consideration involved must be recorded in the accounting records of both clubs.



10.7 Within nine months of its accounting reference date, each Club shall submit to the Company a copy of its full financial statements as presented to its members/shareholders with confirmation that the accounts have been approved at a duly convened general meeting.