The Company shall present to the Winners of all divisions in the Competition 18 souvenirs. Additional souvenirs cannot be presented except by consent of the Board, and then at the expense of the requesting Club.

In addition, a Competition championship trophy will be presented as and when the Board determine.

The Clubs concerned will also receive a permanent souvenir.

The trophies are the property of the Company and may never be won outright. A runners’ up trophy and medals may also be awarded at the discretion of the Company.

The recipient Club shall be responsible for engraving their details on the trophy before returning same.

The following agreement shall be signed on behalf of the winners of the trophies:

We, A.B. the of Football Club, C.D. and E.F members of and representing the said Club, having been declared winners of the League Trophy and the same having been delivered to us by the said Competition, do hereby on behalf of the said Club, jointly and severally agree to return the same to the Competition Secretary, on or before 1st March next in good order and condition, suitably inscribed, in accordance with the Rules of the Competition and if the said Trophy is lost or damaged whilst under our care, we agree to refund to the Competition the amount of its current value or the cost of its thorough repair.”

Any Club not returning the Competition trophy by the due date, returning them in poor condition or without being engraved will be fined.