The Officers of the League shall be a –
• President
• Chairman
• Vice Chairman
• Competition Secretary
• Treasurer
• Fixtures Secretary
• Registrations Secretary
• Referees Appointments Secretary / Assessors Secretary
• Assistant Referees Appointments Secretary
• Results Secretary
• Administration Officer
• Development Officer
• IT Administrator
• Race Relations and Youth Protection Officer
• Ground Grading Officer

These officers shall be elected at The Annual General Meeting. Their levels of authority, commensurate with their areas of responsibilities, will be clearly defined and circulated to all Board Members. It is the responsibility of each elected Secretary (or Deputy) to report on their relevant activities to the monthly Board Meeting, which shall have overall collective responsibility for their decisions.

Retiring Officers shall be eligible to become candidates for re-election without nomination. All other candidates for election as Officers or Members of the Board shall be nominated to the Competition Secretary in writing, signed by the Chairmen and Secretaries of two Full Member Clubs, not later than the first Friday in April in each year. Names of the candidates for election shall be circulated with the notice to the Annual General Meeting.


The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Competition Secretary, Treasurer of The League and President shall be the Trustees of The League and the legal holders of all monies, property and trophies belonging to The League.