40.1 The Cup Competition shall be called The Sydenhams Football League (Wessex) Cup.

40.2 Administration.
40.2.1 The Board of The Competition shall have the control and management of the Cup Competition. All decisions of The Board shall be accepted as final.
40.2.2 The Competition rules shall apply to the Cup Competition except when it is stated otherwise.

40.3 Annual Subscription
The Annual Subscription for each team competing in the Cup competition shall be as per the Fees Tariff, payable by the 31st July in each year.

40.4 Protests
As per League Rules 16.1 to 16.3.

40.5 Player / Club
Each club competing in the Cup Competition shall consist of sixteen bona-fide members of their club, per team. The matches shall be played under the Rules of The Football Association and in accordance with the Laws of the game. No individual shall play for more than one competing team in the same Cup Competition.

40.5.1 Qualification of Players
40.5.2 A bona-fide member shall be considered as such when he has duly registered with the Registration Secretary of The Competition: i.e.24 hours before the advertised game.
40.5.3 A player named as a substitute who does not play will retain his eligibility.

40.6 The Sydenhams Football League (Wessex) Cup Procedures
All rounds to be played on a knockout basis. In the event of the scores being level at the end of 90 minutes the tie shall be settled by the taking of penalty kicks in accordance with the International Football Association Board procedure. The Semi-Finals shall be played over one leg; the first drawn club for each match shall be the home side. For the final only, should the scores be level at the end of 90 minutes, extra time will be played, if scores remain level, the tie will be decided by the taking of penalty kicks.

40.7 Fixtures
The Fixtures Secretary shall have the power to make such fixture arrangements as deemed necessary. Such arrangements shall be accepted at any time in the playing season, except where pre-arranged precedent fixtures are concerned. The home club shall retain their own net gate receipts. The Competition shall take the whole of the gate receipts for the Cup Final.